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If you want great websites, you must start with the right website architecture, but it doesn't follow that the best designed websites attract the most business.
You have to be determined to get your website noticed on the internet, if you get onto the first page of the search engine results, it does not mean you will stay there


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We have many designs and ideas for a suitable website, get in touch with us today, and we will give you a website quotation based on your needs big or small.


would you like an internet store?

ecommerce website designersWe can produce an internet store for your business and help you get your ecommerce project up and running, our ecommerce platform runs on the tried and tested oscommerce engine, and comes with many great addons, such as automatic emails to your customers to advise them how their order is progressing, automatic carriage charge calulations, Search Engine Optimisation generated dynamically from your products. theres a whole host of enhancements, too many to mention here, why not get in touch, and we can discuss things further.

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ecommerce website designers

One of our commercial websites has just won an award for ease of use and good design at a World Conference held in Singapore, you can see it live at

The Best Website Designs....

There is nothing wrong in using a good website template.

We design websites for our clients regularly from Website Templates, using a template design allows our client to have a good idea of what their website will look like, and at the same time, because we have not spent hours designing website pages from scratch, we can charge a lost less for our website design service.

Modern web site templates from the best website design houses, comply with state of the art website coding  and architecture as laid out by  - the compliance body to try to make all designers and internet developers and operators work to the same standards and rules.

That doesn't mean that your website will cease to be noticed by the search engines, because your page designs are older than the most recent designs, or cease to operate after a while, if that were the case most websites today may be considered obsolete.

A case in question is one of our oldest website customers, whose website design frankly has old fashioned architecture will lots of tables in its web pages, and like anything that's been around a while, has collected some bumps and scrapes along the way.

However, the fact that it has been around a long time means it has also collected lots of incoming links.

Good website content.  - getting your website noticed.

You also need good content on your website pages, which give details of the services you offer, with a fair sprinkling of key words, such as Bolton and web designer or website designers, designs, etc.,

If you have a page with only a few words on it is less likely to be treated as important by the search engines. Equally so  if the words on your web page are not relevant.

If you want to get noticed on the internet there are a few basic steps you can take. Find a domain name for your company that reflects what you are doing. if you are a website designer in Bolton, then a good website name would be- for instance-, if someone typed a search for an web designer in Bolton, you should come up well into the searches.

When you are looking for a hosting company (we offer website hosting solutions) try to ensure that the company is reputable and does not host unfavourable websites, as if you find yourself with the same ip address as a company which you would not wish to be associated with, and the search engines may have black listed for spamming etc., is could impact on your own websites visibility; we are very careful about the clients we offer website hosting to for that very reason.

Back to our oldest customer, this is site has been running now for over 10 years, and has many pages of information to anyone interested in - Guess What? Orchids.

Try searching google for the word orchid or orchids and see how high they are on the search engine pages

Whilst their website is getting a little long in the tooth, it works, for them and their website visitors.

Alternatively try a search for another client of ours by typing in orchid accessories, this time you will see a mail order client of ours

Another of our well established clients runs a cookery school in the Lake District,  try a google search for that phrase, and see how high up ranks in the search engines.

If you would like a reference for our website design company, get in touch with any of the above, and see what they think of our service and support.

How to get your website noticed by the search engines.

Don't spam, don't use links farms, don't use hidden words ( i.e. white wording on a white background) Offer genuine products and services through your website to your visitors, don't list irrelevant items on your pages, and above all use the services of some like ourselves to design a good website for you if you cannot create a website yourself.

Pick a good name for your website domain, it will help, it also helps if you aim your keywords at the niche market, with a sprinkling of the less likely ones which you competition hasn't thought of.

If you sell dog collars, but specialise in cast irons dog collars, perhaps an extra domain name incorporating cast iron dog collars would be a good idea.

If your business has local clientele only, then placing the town name into the domain name will help, as you are unlikely to get website visitors using your services when they can find more local companies offering the same.

Ensure that your website is hosted by a reliable website hosting company who does not have lots of less favourable clients, and a website hosting company who will ensure your website uptime is as near to 100% as possible.

In addition to website design, we offer domain name registration, (Free is you take our hosting services) and will host your website on the same server as our faithful orchid client; through the years, you will want to make amendments and alterations to your web pages, if you host with us, then we include a generous maintenance allowance of up to 12 hours free tweaking and re design of your web pages, and we will keep a watching brief to make sure that visitors to your site get a quality browsing experience.

We can also offer you a tool to see where your visitors are coming from, what search words they entered into their browsers, and what pages they visited, and for how long.

We also offer you your own email address or addresses when you take up website hosting on our server.

If you want a website, but are a complete novice when it comes to the internet, do not worry, we will help you through all the various stages of domain registration and come up with some ideas for your web pages to suit your occupation.

If you want to start selling on the internet, we can offer an excellent internet store package, and we will give you full training and support with your E commerce store through the years.

To learn more a visit our mail order website designs or our business websites  designs.

Finally whilst we are website design company based in Bolton in the UK, there is no reason at all why we cannot offer you our website services and assistance no matter where you may be.


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